International Open Lab Day – FutureWork360

On 16 April 2021, the Fraunhofer Institutes for Industrial Engineering (IAO) and for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA) will hold their International Open Lab Day and open the door to the digital twin of the Future Work Lab to the public.

Visitors from around the world can take a free tour of the innovation lab’s huge Demonstrator World that was digitalised as part of the FutureWork360 project. Plus, experienced innovation experts will discuss the latest news regarding Industrie 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI) and the smart factory of the future.

Since the start of the virtual lab tours in 2020, 120 international visitors have gone online to take a look around this digital twin with all its innovations and demonstrators for the future of industrial manufacturing. During five online events in virtual meeting rooms involving live Q&A sessions and presentations, visitors were able to meet the ten experts working on the FutureWork360 project — despite restrictions on travel and personal contact.

Thanks to the questions and comments from the international audience, presentations now involve even more interaction and practical examples than in the first one and a half years of the project. Moreover, the joint virtual lab tour has been expanded to include more use cases that illustrate the manufacturing processes of the future.

In times of pandemic in particular, digital twins offer great potential for working together digitally across different sectors. Digital twins cannot only be used in mechanical engineering, but also for digital teaching purposes at schools, universities and educational institutions as well as in areas such as facility and human resources management. In marketing, too, digital twins have tremendous potential, particularly when contact restrictions apply.

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Yeama Bangali

Fraunhofer IAO
Multi-channel content manager