beyondwork 2020

beyondwork 2020 - European Conference on Labour Research

→ beyondwork 2020 - European Conference on Labour Research
21-22 October 2020
online event

What does the transformation of work mean for people? How can companies best prepare their employees? How can digitalisation and artificial intelligence improve the working life of employees in hospitals, nursing homes, laundries and industrial production facilities? How can small and medium enterprises develop digital business models to be successful in today’s competitive markets?

These were just some of the topics discussed at 'beyondwork 2020', the European conference on labour research, which was organised by Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The online conference brought together international experts from research, business, politics and the social partners. In intensive online discussions, more than 1,500 participants exchanged views on the most important questions and topics concerning tomorrow’s world of work.

Main topics:

  • Health and prevention
  • Networks at work
  • Humans and machines
  • Interactive work
  • Participation and leadership
  • Regional and global change
  • Skills management

Top-notch keynote speeches, an interdisciplinary panel discussion and a forum on experiencing and testing innovative solutions of tomorrow accompanied the sessions. In addition, a variety of research projects presented their findings online on a multimedia platform.

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