Transatlantic Sync 2019

German researchers reach out to partners in Silicon Valley

The future of work offers unparalleled opportunities. From 27-29 October ten German research networks  will participate in the congress 'Transatlantic Sync' in Silicon Valley to meet up with US fellow researchers and discuss potential collaborations in this field.

The visit is part of the campaign 'The Future of Work' which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

20 researchers from 11 top-class German universities and research institutes will travel to Mountain View, Silicon Valley, to share ideas and expert knowledge with their research colleagues from the US, and to present their work.  'Innovations made in Germany' which aim to design the future of work include robotic suits which support older employees working in industrial production facilities, open science projects in the field of artificial intelligence and digitalisation strategies for small and medium-sized enterprises.

A promising research project is 'IntWash' which improves work safety in commercial laundries by using artificial intelligence, for example by implementing sensor-controlled grippers to extract sharp items such as scalpels from hospital laundry.

Come back soon for our post-event report of the 'Transatlantic Sync' congress!