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Germany is one of the world´s top leading research and innovation nations. For centuries, Germany has successfully fostered the international exchange in science and research to advance knowledge and innovations beneficial to society, industry as well as nature.

To facilitate a vivid international exchange of scientific ideas and opportunities, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) launched the initiative ‘Research in Germany’ in 2016. It presents the best and latest of Germany´s research hub and offers valuable opportunities to the international community.

Among many other offers and events of ‘Research in Germany’, the international campaigns run by BMBF have proven to be outstandingly successful in priming relevant international research cooperation by getting in touch personally with researchers, scientists, innovators and decision makers throughout the world.

Each 18-months campaign is dedicated to a specific research topic addressing pressing future challenges and is involving selected partner countries of high innovation potential.

Supported by the DLR Project Management Agency, the BMBF has organised eight campaigns with a regional or thematic focus so far since 2006. In total, 82 German networks have been funded with around 7.2 million euros. As a result of these campaigns, around 100 R&D projects were launched and 192 cooperation agreements with international partners have been signed.