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Connecting smart city researchers across the Atlantic

City developers in Germany and the USA can now exchange experiences, knowledge and ideas more quickly than ever before to develop innovations for the cities of the future. An excellently connected group of experts for sustainable city development has now launched its web-based social platform and is inviting you to attend their webinars.

“Sustainable city development requires new expert knowledge every day. Webinars are an uncomplicated medium for exchanging information about innovations with researchers, developers and users, including across the Atlantic. Our German-US network uses regular webinars as the foundation of our international exchange,” says Dr. Stephan Bartke, Director of

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An easy, fast and uncomplicated way to find solutions for the cities of the future
The entertaining short film “Laura and Ben take a look at“ shows how the online platform offers an easy, fast and uncomplicated way to pool ideas, people and projects from Germany and the USA. The aim of this accelerated in-depth exchange is to enable mutual learning from successful case studies, but also learning from mistakes, in order to find the right path for a sustainable development of the cities of the future as quickly as possible.

An open and trusting exchange of ideas and tolerant cooperation with the partners involved are the key for a sustainable development of cities – from citizens via city administration employees, to researchers in different fields as well as entrepreneurs. The founders of the platform have shown this successfully in more than 1000 case studies in the last 20 years, particularly the challenging renovation and development of contaminated industrial wasteland into residential and commercial parts of the city in both Germany and the USA.

From fundraising to hurricanes – new inspiration for city developers in the USA and Germany
City developers in Germany and the USA can now benefit from this successful experience and expertise of transatlantic, interdisciplinary and integrative planning, relating to all topics and challenges of the cities of the future: For instance, if a city developer between Boston and Washington is looking for new inspiration to make their communities more resilient to extreme events such as hurricanes or terrorist attacks, or if a start-up founder in Berlin is looking for partners in the USA, or for tips on how to raise funds and on participation, the social platform can match up the right innovators based on their experience within seconds, even though they are thousands of kilometres apart.

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Dozens of US and German partners registered with the platform even before its official launch. Their stated aim on registration was to find new ideas, put their own ideas in order or develop them further, and benefit from synergies. This makes the platform a kind of market place for new innovation partnerships and funding opportunities for urban science societies on this and the opposite side of the Atlantic.

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