Travelling the world: from NYC to DEL

Ever since the festive kick-off in winterly Berlin and the warm welcome at the German Science Day in Ho Chi Minh City in March, the BMBF campaign “Building the City of Tomorrow” has been well underway. New York City and New Delhi were the next destinations of the network´s world tour in May.

For the campaign´s participants the two renowned urban innovation fairs Smart Cities NYC and Smart Cities India turned out a success in reaching out to international urban planners and developers to work out viable solutions for establishing sustainable, energy-efficient and attractive cities of tomorrow together. The results are promising: All the networks succeeded to arrange future research collaborations in the USA and India.

Smart Cities NYC

From 3rd to 6th of May 2017 several hundred US urban planning experts from politics, science and research appreciated the German networks´ expert discussions, workshops and live demonstrations of their projects and technologies at the impressive Brooklyn Naval Yard.

Numerous scientists enrolled in the campaign´s brand new US - German urban online communication hub, which fosters the further exchange of knowledge, ideas and innovations between German and US experts in sustainable urban development.

US experts were most interested in the campaign´s user-friendly software solutions for urban resilience, optimum energy and resource efficiency and better acceptance of urban planning changes through integrative planning.

Much to the joy of everyone involved, Smart Cities NYC ´17 inspired the creation of a “network of networks“: the campaign´s three smart city research networks CITYtrans, and TAURUS formed a mega-network and drafted their first project proposal to establish a sustainable, CO2-neutral and resilient urban area in Brooklyn, New York, with their US partners.

SME + network

Smart Cities India

Just a week later five of the campaign´s research networks met again and mingled with roughly 15.000 visitors and exhibitors at the 3rd Smart Cities India in New Delhi to present their solutions and to invite research collaborations with Indian experts.

"Clean energy", "urban planning", "smart transport" and "water & waste management" were the topics most sought after by the architects, engineers, urban planners and constructors paying a visit to the campaign´s booth. It was a perfect match for the German smart city research networks whose technological solutions contribute to the topics of "city planning", "urban design", "green buildings" and "internet of things".

Berlin-based research network IGSI was able to recruit numerous contacts and participants for its world premiere – its first ever UrbanLab, which took place in New Delhi, India from July 12 until July 14, 2017.

On their world tour the German smart city research networks will next visit Washington D.C. and Kuala Lumpur. Interested what`s up next? Please get in touch with our campaign office.