InnoMine Chile Tandems

Following the Call for Ideas & Innovation as well as a successful InnovationWorkshop taking place end of November 2016 at the Fraunhofer Headquarters in Munich, the selection of the final ten German tandems for InnoMine Chile is set.

The following tandems all participated in the InnovationPlatform in March 2017 in Santiago de Chile. If you like to get a first insight who the tandem partners are and what they offer to the Chilean mining community have a look below:

Ore separation by Pulsed Power Processing (PPP) and sorting by Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Solar Water Purification

Smart Sensor Networks - Automated condition monitoring of mining equipment

Conveyor Belt Monitoring | Infrared-based system for belt monitoring

Real-Time Reconciler – Real-Time Grade Control

Smart Mining: Safety, Condition Monitoring, Maintenance & Intelligence

Ore Evaluation and Sorting with Dual Energy X-ray

Cloud Time scheduling

Enhanced Plant Availability

Kinetic Hydropower plants using washing water from mines

InnoMine Workshop


In preparation for the InnovationPlatform in Chile a the 2-day InnovationWorkshop took place in Munich from 24th-26th November 2017. The ten German Research-SME-tandems were trained in market and sector specific know-how, intercultural understanding, innovative thinking and presentation skills by experts from the fields of industry, research and marketing.