InnoHealth Australia - InnoHealth China

InnoHealth Australia was the initiative as constituent part of the collaborative project „International Research Marketing“ for the period of 2017-2019 led by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The initiative aimed to connect the Australian and the German healthcare research sector also involving small and medium enterprises (SME).

The following video shows all steps and stakeholders of InnoHealth Australia:

InnoHealth Australia - the entire initiative

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InnoHealth Australia - German Tandems

The selection of the final German tandems for Innohealth Australia was set: 10 tandems participated at the InnovationPlatform in April 2018 in Melbourne.


InnoHealth Australia - Australian Experts

All participants of the InnoTour through Germany from 5th to 9th November 2018 are experts in the field of healthcare and medical technologies. Learn more about their research and/or business areas.