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Video of ThevoSmart

Take a look at the Research-SME-Tandem and its project ThevoSmart in this short clip.

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Anja BURMANN (Research)
Tim Geestmann (SME)

About the project

ThevoSmart is a system that enables the family caregiver or nursing staff to take care of patients in a more individual way, to use their time effectively and to treat patients properly. We can achieve this by giving caregivers an app for their mobile device that displays information such as whether the patient is lying in bed, whether the bed is wet, whether the patient has sufficient movement of his or her own etc.

So the benefits of ThevoSmart make it possible to use the care time in a targeted manner, to have more time for human interaction, to be more present. Thus, we enable a better use of the time available in inpatient care - to care where it is necessary.