FeFoMed by Xpectors –

The Value of True Feedback

Video of FeFoMed by Xpectors

Take a look at the Research-SME-Tandem and its project FeFoMed by Xpectors in this short clip.

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About the project

Xpectors develops a health app that allows users to regularly take medication through a reminder function and enter feedback about their well-being during therapy. Patients are further reminded to get their prescriptions. Medication, date of administration and dose are stored. The patient's data is regularly transferred to a data pool anonymously. Analysing the data using AI helps to optimise processes and therapies, and to uncover possible abuses such as incorrect medication and diagnoses. It is also possible to recognize new effects of known drugs. The analysis offers great potential for research, logistical planning, strategic decisions on drug supply and the whole health care sector.