ASF-Detect –

Platform for Fast and Automated ASFV Detection On-site

Video clip of ASF-Detect

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Dr. Verena GRÜTZNER (Research)

Dr. Christian FREESE (Research)


About the project

The African Swine Fever (ASF), a highly contagious and lethal viral disease affects wild and domestic pigs. As the world's largest pork producer, China is suffering from an unprecedented crises due to the ASF and its bioeconomical consequences. Germany is at a high risk for ASF entry, too, as estimated by the Friedrich-Löffler Federal Research Institute for Animal Health. To fight disease spreading, efficient controls have to be installed. However, current laboratory diagnostical methods for ASF virus (ASFV) detection are ressource- and time consuming and require specific infrastructures for sample shipment into specialized laboratories as well as trained personnel to perform the analysis. We present the idea of a portable system for fast and automated ASFV detection as an approach to enable efficient controls on-site and avoid critical diagnostic delay.