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Innovative Potential of the Health Sector

The health sector is one of the most important research areas worldwide and healthy living is one of the core pillars embedded in the German High-Tech Strategy. In many industrialized countries, the prevalence of common diseases and multiple illness is increasing in connection with demographic change. This trend results in major challenges for the economy and society. At the same time, growing demand for healthcare services is creating a wide range of opportunities for the international healthcare sector.

In response to these demands and challenges, InnoHealth China supports ideas and innovation in the following specific areas:



On the left side is a hand pointing towards a digital healtchcare symbol; the right side shows an artificial person.

Current medical challenges like a rise in chronic diseases enforced by demographic change demand a new, individualized and integrated approach to health and social care. eHealth innovations offer this approach providing major new opportunities to successfully realize care integration. Within our InnoHealth China campaign we focus on the following specific areas of eHealth...



Combination of three images: on the left is the structure of a DNA; in the middle a drop of a pipette flows into a test tube; the right side shows a few test tubes besides corn cobs.

How to tackle typical common diseases and contribute to cooperation of state-of-the-art solutions? Ideas in research and innovation in the field of health-related bio-economy are delivering answers to these demands. The development of healthy food, the production of biotechnology and drug research are contributing solutions to these challenges. Thus, there are core aspects such as common diseases, healthy food(s), active-substance research and individualized medicine. Issues such as epigenetics and epidemiology will be considered as well.


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