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Germany and China - Successful research and cooperation

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China, like Germany, is one of the world’s most important science nations. As important strategic partners, they are cooperating in scientific and economic fields. The China Strategy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research represents a coherent and systematic framework for cooperation with China in education, research and innovation from 2015 to 2020. According to this strategy, German and Chinese researchers can find innovative solutions to secure sustainable prosperity and successfully face global challenges. Both countries offer outstandingly well-appointed research infrastructures, unique research locations and even whole regions of innovative infrastructure.

Mutual exchange and cooperation
Exchange and cooperation are necessary to develop both knowledge and technology. Thus, Germany and China aim to be strengthened as research and innovation locations and create opportunities for standard setting. German companies are interested in opportunities to introduce themselves into the Chinese market; Chinese stakeholders are interested in technology and products from Germany. Thus, working together, German and Chinese partners in research and industry should cooperate to identify common objectives and collaboration techniques so that such cooperation is beneficial for both countries.

GTAI Online Event: 2021 Sino-German Health Industry Weeks Roundup

Germany Trade and Invest GTAI invites you to take part in the online event ’2021 Sino-German Health Industry Weeks Roundup’ which will be on March 18, from 9:30 – 11:15 CET. The event focuses on trends and opportunities for success in the medical technology markets of Germany and China. The event is organized by Germany Trade and Invest GTAI, the Sino-German Medical Technology Working Group initiated by CIPA (China International Investment Promotion Agency) and the German cluster networks Life Science Nord, Medways and European Medical Valley. Key learnings from previous Sino-German Healthcare initiatives carried out by Health Made in Germany and InnoHealth China will also be shared.


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