Call for Ideas and Innovation - Germany

The Call for Ideas & Innovation is closed now!


The initiative starts with a “Call for Ideas & Innovations” which addresses the German healthcare community. In detail, representatives from Fraunhofer Institutes as well as representatives from the German Mittelstand (small and medium enterprises) who develop application-oriented technologies, products and/or processes and intend to convince experts in the field of advantages of their invention and/or innovation. A total of 10 tandems (consisting of one Fraunhofer Institute representative and one SME representative) will be selected from all applicants for the initiative and have the chance to present their idea/innovation in Australia.

The Call for Ideas & Innovation at a glance:

  • Entry Candidates: Representatives from Fraunhofer Institutes and SME representatives
  • Entry Topics: eHealth and integrated care models, precision healthcare/individual health, antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial research, nutrition
  • Entry Language: English
  • Entry Deadline: 15th December 2017 (6 p.m. CET)
  • Entry Address: