The InnoHealth Australia initiative (Social Media Hashtags: #InnoHealth #Australia) addresses the German and Australian healthcare research community as well as small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in this field. The initiative includes a programme for German participants as well as for Australian participants.

The initiative started with a German Call for Ideas and Innovation addressing German researchers as well as representatives from the German Mittelstand with innovative and application-oriented ideas, technologies, products and/or processes. A total of ten Research-SME-tandems (consisting of 10 researchers and 10 SME representatives) has been selected for the initiative. They presented their ideas at the 2-day InnovationPlatform in Melbourne. Prior to this event, a 2-day InnovationWorkshop prepared the tandems from Germany in terms of market and sector specific know-how, intercultural understanding, innovative thinking and presentation skills.

At the InnovationPlatform, the Australian participants of the initiative, which were previously evaluated in an Australian Call for Ideas and Innovation, were officially announced and honored for their project approaches. From 5th-9th November the Australian researchers will then visit exclusive healthcare institutions during the 1-week InnovationTour through Germany.

More information on each programme step can be found on the following subpages:

- InnovationTour Germany

- InnovationPlatform Melbourne

- InnovationWorkshop Munich

- InformationTour Australia