Healthcare sector

Strengthening the innovative potential of the healthcare sector

Healthy living is one of the core pillars embedded in the new German High-Tech Strategy and for sure one of the most important research areas worldwide. In many industrialised countries, the prevalence of common diseases and multiple illness is increasing, in connection with demographic change. This trend is followed by major challenges for the economy and society. At the same time, growing demand for healthcare services is creating a wide range of opportunities for the international healthcare sector.

This initiative focuses on the following four specific areas, which has already ensured a profound approach for the Call of Ideas and Innovation as well as for an in-depth discussion and exchange:

eHealth and integrated care models

eHealth integrated care models

Demographic change, rising incidence of chronic diseases and unmet needs for more personalised care are trends that demand a new, integrated approach to health and social care. Professionals are obliged to work across sectors as a team with common goals and resources to deliver a coordinated response to each individual's care requirements. eHealth innovations provide major new opportunities to realise care integration, superseding today's chain of disjoint responses to discrete threats to health.

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Precision healthcare & individual health


New insights into the molecular processes of life are broadening our understanding of health and disease. The primary aim for patients is to benefit better and quicker from medical therapies and products. To meet this goal, the respective expertise of science, hospitals and industry has to cooperate in new partnerships in the areas of diagnosis and treatment. New processes and standards are necessary to take advantage of the opportunities offered by individualised medicine. Lastly, international agreement is particularly important.

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Antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial research


Infectious diseases are amongst the most common causes of death worldwide. Infections are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Epidemics like Ebola reveal how dangerous these pathogens are. The general medical rule supposing that antibiotics help cure bacterial infections is no longer applicable universally. Bacteria are increasingly developing multi-resistances. The international community is asked to join forces to improve the understanding of how resistances develop and spread and how to prevent increasing resistance.

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In a holistic sense, health means much more than simply the absence of disease. It also includes the desire and ability to remain active and vital for as many years as possible. This perspective brings challenges and issues of prevention and nutrition into focus – and it does with a view to the well-being of both people and the economy. At last, effective and carefully targeted prevention has the potential to generate significant medium- to long-term savings in the healthcare system.

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