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The Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups programme aims to win the best international and national postdoctoral researchers for a first leadership position in science. It offers Young Investigator Group leaders the opportunity to establish and lead their own independent research group at a Helmholtz Center in cooperation with a partner university. They can access the research infrastructure, grow to their full potential as a leader in science as well as strengthen and further develop their networks in the scientific community. Funding will be granted for up to nine Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups working in the research fields of Energy, Earth and Environment, Health, Information, Matter, and Aeronautics, Space and Transport.

Who can apply?

Our target group are outstanding recognized researchers:

  • with 2-6 years academic age (unavoidable downtime after receiving a doctoral degree is taken into account)
  • with international research experience of at least 6 continuous months during the PhD or postdoctoral phase
  • talents from external institutions or with an employment at a Helmholtz Center for less than one year

What form does funding take?

The main benefits are as follows:

  • 300,000 euros min. per annum (covering group leader position, scientific and/or technical staff, expenses for materials, travel and investments)
  • funding for a period of five years (extension due to care leave or unavoidable downtime for max. one year is possible)
  • leadership training at the Helmholtz Leadership Academy

When is the closing date for applications?

Candidates should approach the Helmholtz Center they are interested in directly with a draft of their application (for contacts see call). The contact persons will inform about the process of and deadline for the pre-selection at the Helmholtz Center.

The complete applications are submitted by the Helmholtz Centers by 28 April 2023.

Terms and conditions of application

The terms and conditions of application can be found here:

www.helmholtz.de > Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups


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