Prepairing an application

How can I prepare my PhD application?

Your chances for getting into a PhD programme depend on many factors. The most promising applicants have a good or very good master's degree (or equivalent). Other important factors often include your work experience, motivation, and naturally the number and qualification of the other applicants you're competing with.  

If you want to apply to a structured PhD programme, the description of each programme usually gives you a detailed impression of what is expected of the applicants. If you have further questions regarding a specific PhD programme, contact the appointed contact person named in the advertisement.

If you are still looking for a structured PhD programme, then the followings links are a good place to start:
- International Programme Database of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): This database offers over 300 PhD programmes. Most programmes are held in English and have no tuition fees.
- Find more information about the 'Structured doctorate' model and tips how to apply for PhD positions here.

If you are looking for an individual PhD, you might want to consider this: 
Once you’ve identified a potential supervisor you need to apply directly to the professor in question. When applying you should provide details about your previous academic achievements, the topic of your master’s thesis and the subject area in which you wish to specialise. Your application can include a well-considered proposal for your dissertation.
Find more information about the 'Individual doctorate' model here.

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