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Talk to experts online

Our online talks provide an insight into the German research landscape, funding opportunities and other subjects. The speakers are experts from various German research institutes.

Take the opportunity to get your questions answered and join our next online talks for free. Check out all of our upcoming online talks below.

What is an online talk?

An online talk is a live meeting that takes place on the web. You can view documents and applications on your computer, while shared audio allows you to follow a presentation. These live sessions also offer an opportunity to ask the speakers questions via chat.

Previous online talks:

Watch the recordings of our previous online talks and get practical tips on planning your research career in Germany.

Ask a professor

This online talk was the opportunity to ask German professors everything you’d like to know about finding a supervisor in Germany!

Postdoctoral Opportunities in Germany

Learn how to start or continue your research career in Germany!

Doctorate Opportunities in Germany

Find out how to do your doctorate in Germany, how to find a supervisor, write a proposal and find funding opportunities!

The German research landscape

Find out about Germany’s different types of research performing institutions and how you can join them!

Learn more about the new Erasmus+ programme for PhD students

Learn more about the new Erasmus+ programme for PhD students.

Meet the Helmholtz Association

Meet the Helmholtz Association and the Helmholtz Information and Data Sciences Academy (HIDA).

The DAAD PRIME fellowship

Learn more about the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and its programme Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (PRIME)

Planning your research career in germany

Get practical tips on living & working in Germany.

Interdisciplinary research

Is research that transcends conventional academic boundaries harder to do, fund and publish? Find out how interdisciplinary research works in Germany! 

Global health research

Research and innovation play an important role in facing future problems. Watch our recording of the talk and find out how you can contribute. 

Digital learning

Mobile platforms have given more people access to online learning. Learn about current developments in the German research landscape. 

Digital-Learning Online Talk

Meet the German Research Foundation

Find out more about the German Research Foundation and its financial support for research in higher education and public research institutions!

Meet the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Find out more about the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and its Fellowships for Postdocs and Senior Researchers

Doing research in humanities

Find out how international researchers in humanities can carry out their research in Germany.

Women in science

Find out more about opportunities and obstacles in the German research landscape for women.

Departmental research

Innovative technology has become essential for future governmental measures. Find out how the federal R&D institutes in Germany work and how you can join them!

Online talk: bioeconomy

Taking course towards a sustainable future: watch our online talk all about the topic "Bioeconomy" here!