Nadjma Yassari: How is the principle of the best interests of the child applied in Islamic family law?

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Why did you choose Germany as a research destination?

The Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg was the only institution worldwide that offered me the infrastructure to conduct foundational research on the contemporary laws of Islamic and Middle Eastern jurisdictions in the field of private law.

What was your first impression of Germany, the German culture and its people?

People often encounter Hamburg as distanced, if such thing can be said of a city. I have been living in Hamburg since 2000, and being of Iranian/Austrian origin, I did not feel at ease at first. It felt as if a fair amount of courting was necessary to apprehend the city and its people. In the first months of my stay it rained almost all the time, first cold rain, then warm rain. And so also my feelings changed from cold to warm, until I realised that Hamburg had slowly and inconspicuously become home.

Did you encounter any difficulties while settling in in Germany?

Having been brought up in Austria, I just had to adapt to new vocabulary…

Do you have tips for other international researchers who are thinking about coming to Germany?

Get to know the A-Z of recycling, be punctual and have an open heart for respecting rules, especially traffic regulations

Short and crisp:

What is your favourite... 

  • Word: Habseligkeiten.
  • Dish: Qualle auf Sand.
  • Piece of German culture: Ludwig von Beethoven.

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