Matteo Maturi: How can we find the cause of the accelerated expansion of the universe?

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Why did you choose Germany as a research destination?

At the time of my studies in Padova I was co-supervised by Prof. Bartelmann. Consequently I spent some time at the Max Planck for Astrophysics in Garching (MPA). There I found a very lively international environment, started new collaborations with other MPA members and afterword I moved to Heidelberg.

What was your first impression of Germany, the German culture and its people?

People are very cordial and easy to interact with. The only funny thing that surprised me at the beginning was that some people had to plan a dinner or some minor recreational event such as this with one week in advance, here I am talking about students. This is choking for an Italian ;-)

Did you encounter any difficulties while settling in in Germany?

Not really, everything ran very smoothly. Job interviews can be done remotely, bureaucracy is relatively simple and people in the public offices usually speak English.

Do you have tips for other international researchers who are thinking about coming to Germany?

Perhaps just one piece of advice: when you are looking for a flat write your communications in German (ask somebody at your host institute, they will help you) and explain that you are an enrolled student and/or that you have a contract at a German university/research center. This helps to get the place.

Short and crisp: What is your favourite...

  • Word: Eichhörnchen
  • Dish: not really a dish… Bier (especially from the city of Ingolstadt)
  • Piece of German culture: German philosophers and classical music

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