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The global population is growing, our standard of living is increasing and we are faced with environmental challenges such as anthropogenic climate change, ocean litter, a declining availability of arable land and dwindling fossil resources. This requires us to transform today’s oil based economy towards the sustainable use of renewable resources, that is to say, towards the bioeconomy!

An important task for today’s researchers worldwide is to find innovative technology which allows this transformation. In this new section of our website we will be informing you about bioeconomy in Germany in the course of the next months. Keep in touch so you do not miss any of our weekly added content! Check out also the website of our partner Science Year 2020/21 – Bioeconomy (only in German).


Agriculture in the high-tech bioeconomy

Portrait of Felix Finkbeiner

A trillion trees for survival

Photo of Piotr Baszynski

New materials for more sustainable architecture


Extremophiles for the biologisation of industry

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