February 2023

With the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Garching near Munich becoming the hosting site for a new top-class quantum computer, Europe claims its place in the global race for technology leadership in this field. Also, learn more about a successful German-Indonesian cooperation in the fight against cervical cancer, and make sure you don’t miss the current funding opportunities and events we have compiled for you this time.

Working in tandem: High-performance and quantum computing in Germany and Europe

Science news
Europe claims its place in the global race for technology leadership in quantum computing. In October 2022 the EuroHPC JU announced six supercomputing centres to host the continent's first quantum computers – among them Germany's Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ). Learn more about their plans for integrating quantum and supercomputing in the Euro-Q-Exa project.

First quantum computer installed at the LRZ Quantum Integration Centre based on superconducting qubits

German and Indonesian researchers collaborate to tackle cervical cancer

Science news
A team of researchers, healthcare workers and policy makers from Germany and Indonesia have joined forces to devise an effective community-based screening approach to help prevent cervical cancer, which is a pressing health burden in Indonesia. This is one of over 15 projects supported by the German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA).

R&D Tour video: Brazilian experts explore Germany's green energy sector

Recent activities
Last November, the final campaign event of EnergInno Brazil took place: the German R&D Tour. 11 Brazilian experts have been invited to an information tour through representative German research institutions and companies in sustainable energy production and supply. Take a look at our video of the exciting tour – and expect more clips coming soon!

Upcoming events

Meet us at the following occasions:

"Research in Germany" at the MIT European Career Fair 2023

Meet our delegation of professors and representatives from 15 German research institutions at the European Career Fair in Cambridge, USA, on 25 February. Network with us in roundtable sessions at our "Research in Germany" event in Boston on 26 February. Register here!


"Research in Germany" at the APS March Meeting 2023

From 7 to 9 March, "Research in Germany" will once again participate in the annual March Meeting of the American Physical Society in Las Vegas, USA, providing detailed information on the German physics research landscape and about career and funding opportunities for scientists of all career stages.


"Research in Germany" at TMS Annual Meeting 2023

For the first time, "Research in Germany" will exhibit at The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society’s Annual Meeting in San Diego, USA, from 20 to 22 March, providing information on the German materials research landscape and presenting funding opportunities for scientists of all career stages.