October 2022

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What’s more? The ZEIT GERMANY Study & Research magazine 2022 is out and absolutely worth a look if you are searching for an overall guide to researching and living in Germany. And for those more interested in practical research insights into labs and institutions, we have a hashtag on offer that will take you on a tour through the German green energy sector. Come along!

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Recent activities
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Mit einem roten Stift werden Häckchen auf einer Liste gesetzt.

Nobel Prize 2022 for Svante Pääbo

Successful research with an excellent research structure in Germany: This year, the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine goes to Svante Pääbo, the director of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig. He is honoured for his pioneering work in the field of palaeogenetics, of which he is considered the founder. One of his most important scientific successes was the decoding of the Neanderthal genome.

The Nobel Prize Winner 2022 Svante Pääbo holds a skull in his hand and looks into its eysockets.

ZEIT GERMANY 2022 – Study & Research magazine published

Research careers
Take a look at the latest guide to studying, researching, working and living in the country where the spirit of Humboldt can still be found: ZEIT GERMANY is the annual magazine for international students and young scientists around the globe who want to study or research in Germany. Enjoy reading it online or get a print copy, which is available internationally via the network of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) or the Goethe-Institut, among others.

Cover of the ZEIT GERMANY 2022 print magazine lying on a desk next to a pencil and headphones

Follow the #GermanRDTour on Twitter…

Science news
…to gain exclusive insights into the German green energy sector. From 7 to 11 November, EnergInno Brazil is traveling with its Brazilian experts in biogas and green hydrogen to visit institutions, labs and companies. You will discover the latest!

Symbol of the German R&D Tour of the InnoEnergy Brazil campaign.

Universityguru.com: all university rankings in one place

Stats & numbers
Not sure yet which German university is the right one for you? Maybe this database can help you find your perfect match: www.universityguru.com presents the results of all major university rankings summarised by country and university. Discover how many German universities are among the global leaders in their field!

Signpost on a university campus pointing in the direction of a building

Making research visible: Latest Thinking research videos

More and more researchers are successfully presenting their research to a wider audience through video publications. Discover our video series where international researchers currently working in Germany share both their scientific findings and their personal thoughts on life in the country.

Upcoming events

Meet us at the following occasions:

"Research in Germany" at the Idealist Grad School Fair New York

Meet the "Research in Germany" team at the Idealist Grad School Fair in New York on 24 October to discuss your research and funding opportunities in Germany in fields such as social work, public policy, nonprofit management, international affairs, public interest law, social entrepreneurship, and many more. The fair is free and open to anyone interested in learning about grad school.


"Research in Germany" information session: Insights into German research

Join us online on 6 November to gain insights into German research, how to fund your research or your scientific start-up and how to connect with researchers in Germany. The event includes presentations by representatives of German research and funding organisations.


"Research in Germany" at Neuroscience 2022

The "Research in Germany" initiative will once again participate in the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), the largest international conference in neuroscience, and exhibit at the "Neuroscience in Germany" booth. This year’s event will take place in San Diego from 12 to 16 November.


"Research in Germany" at the Materials Research Society's Fall Meeting

"Research in Germany" will be presenting examples of Germany’s material research – in fields like physics, chemistry or electrical engineering – at the Material Research Society’s (MRS) Fall Meeting in Boston from 27 November to 2 December highlighting their international competitiveness and cooperation capabilities.