Teaching obligations

Is there any teaching obligations for senior researchers in Germany?

In higher education in Germany, the teaching load (“Lehrdeputat”) indicates the extend of the teaching obligation of a university lecturer or research assistant. It is often measured in “Semesterwochenstunden” (SWS; literally “semester week hours”) and includes the attendance time in the courses without any preparatory or follow-up activities. A “Semesterwochenstunde” lasts 45 minutes and the indication "1 SWS" thus means that the corresponding course is taught for 45 minutes per week.
The teaching load (“Lehrdeputat”) can differ depending on whether it is, for example, a university (focus on science and research) or a university of applied sciences (focus on teaching and application).
Depending on the federal state and partly depending on the university profile, there is the possibility of stipulating deviations from the regular duties (e.g. teaching load) in the employment contract.

Hence, we recommend asking the international office of the university in question or the named contact person in the job advertisement directly to receive detailed information regarding this issue. 

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