Short research stay

How should I plan my research stay in germany?

A research stay for a certain time in Germany can be a great opportunity for you and your German host. Finding a professor as a supervisor is the first and most important step.

When you are looking for a supervisor you can start your search by looking for a good university with the right fit for your research focus. Here are some useful links and databases: 

- The CHE University Ranking enables you to search for universities by subject or by city.
- The 'Research Map' offered by the German Rectors' Conference (HRK) allows you to search for German universities where your field of interest is available.  
- The 'Research Explorer' is a database containing over 25,000 research institutes in Germany. It includes information on institutes and departments at German universities, as well as research institutions and organisations working outside the university sector.  
Once you’ve identified a potential supervisor you need to apply directly to the professor in question. When applying you should provide details about the topic of your PhD thesis and the current state of your research. Your application can include a well-considered proposal outlining the work you would like to do here.

If you are also interested in funding opportunities, these two scholarship programmes from the DAAD are precisely intended for a research stay of a few months up to a year:

One-Year Grants
Short-Term Grants