Part-time PhD

Can I do my PhD on a part-time basis?

Application requirements and programme structure tend to vary from programme to programme. Usually, doctoral students in Germany work on a research project (paid PhD position) or receive a scholarship to fund their PhD.

There is a number of options to find PhD position or programme.

You can:
1. Apply for a structured PhD programme in this database for international programmes. You can search by inserting keywords and/or by field of study. 
2. Search this DAAD database for PhD job offers at German universities.
3. Send a speculative application to a professor or research institute (Individual Doctorate). Here you can search for workgroups in your research field:
- Online database 'Research Explorer'
- CHE University Ranking
- 'Higher Education Compass'

After you find a programme or position that interests you, you should contact the appointed contact person named in the advertisement to clarify all your questions regarding part-time and/or other subjects.