Research and teaching at a university

Two researchers in front of a blackboard

German institutions of higher education are among the most popular employers for international researchers. Roughly 52,000 international graduates teach and research at German higher education institutions – including approx. 3,500 professors. There are also good reasons for this – German universities have a lot to offer international researchers:

  • A broad range of research
    Roughly 400 universities and colleges cover the whole range of academic subjects – and engage in both research and teaching.

  • Attractive work and research possibilities
    Here you are integrated in the academic community, benefit from well-equipped research centres and can take advantage of the freedom of academic research and teaching.

  • Interesting opportunities for cooperation
    Many universities collaborate with non-university research institutes and companies – also at an international level. You can discover the advantages of internationally networked research work.

  • Good support
    International researchers receive swift and reliable assistance: they are supported by International Offices and Welcome Centres at all universities. This is where you can receive support on all important questions relating to your stay in Germany prior to your arrival. You will find the addresses of the International Office and Welcome Centre of your (host) higher education institution on its website or in the database provided by Higher Education Compass.

Your research options: