Embassies and intermediary organisations

AHK offices and representations

The German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs) maintain delegate offices and representations in more than 80 countries and play a crucial role for German industry in a world of integrating global markets. Visitors to the site can check a list of offices worldwide to find their nearest local contact. www.ahk.de (in German) AHK offices and representations

DAAD Information Centres

The DAAD Information Centres (IC) aim to provide information on Germany as an excellent study and research destination for students and researchers. The addresses and contact details of all the ICs are listed here. www.daad.de > Addresses DAAD Information Centres

DAAD Regional Offices

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has an extensive presence abroad. Its Regional Offices maintain contacts with partners in many countries around the world and create efficient communications channels. Look here for further information on the which countries each office is responsible for. www.daad.de > Regional Offices DAAD Regional Offices

DFG offices abroad

The German Research Foundation (DFG) sets strategic focuses in selected countries by maintaining representations there. The link provides information on the contact details and websites of the DFG liaison offices abroad. www.dfg.de > International Cooperation DFG offices abroad

German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) New York

The German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) New York facilitates transatlantic collaboration by bringing together leaders in science, the humanities, and technology. The GCRI provides a platform to foster and enhance innovation in a rapidly changing world. www.germaninnovation.org German Center for Research and Innovation (GCRI) New York

German House of Science and Innovation (DWIH) São Paulo

The German House of Science and Innovation (DWIH) in São Paulo is a service provider for Brazilian and German partners to promote and to intensify the scientific exchange between the two countries. www.dwih.com.br German House of Science and Innovation (DWIH) São Paulo

German embassies

The website of the Federal Foreign Office lists all the German embassies and missions abroad. www.auswaertiges-amt.de > The German Missions Abroad German embassies

Goethe Institutes abroad

With 147 institutes in 83 countries, the Goethe Institute is the largest intermediary organisation in the field of German foreign cultural policy. Click on “Network” to search for all the offices of the Goethe Institutes by country and city. www.goethe.de > Institutes abroad Goethe Institutes abroad

Max Planck Society in Brussels

The main aim of the Max Planck Society's Brussels Office is to embed the projects of the Max Planck Institutes into the European research programmes. It is also a service platform providing support to the Max Planck Society and its institutes in their relations with the European institutions in all aspects of European funding policy. www.mpg.de > Brussels office Max Planck Society in Brussels