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August 2021 – Newsletter "Research in Germany"

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There is a lot going on: we are pleased to provide lots of current funding opportunities in this newsletter issue, and present our revised brochure on the German research landscape, which is just coming off the printing press – and also available online, of course. And there is a new star in the German quantum computing sky, too: the IBM Quantum System One, which is currently the most powerful system anywhere in Europe. Enjoy reading!


IBM QSystemOne_(C) IBM Research

Science news

Curtain up: Fraunhofer and IBM unveil quantum computer

Fraunhofer and IBM recently unveiled Germany’s first IBM Quantum System One to the public. With 27 qubits, this is currently the most powerful system anywhere in Europe.

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Cover Research Landscape

Research careers

The players behind R&D in Germany

From the fuel cell to one of the world's first Covid-19 vaccines – German inventions have changed people's lives. Our recently revised brochure and the "Research in Germany" website lay out who is behind R&D in Germany. Enjoy discovering the German research landscape!
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Living in Germany

Wittenberg – exploring the history of the Reformation

Exerting impact to this day – written in Wittenberg, Martin Luther’s 95 theses about Christianity went viral in the sixteenth century. Several current funding programmes support international researchers looking into Luther’s legacy.
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The development of the universe

In Munich, cosmopolitan UK astrophysicist Dr Francesca Lara Capel wants to be part of solving the puzzle that is the “high-energy universe”
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Current calls

DAAD Research Grants – Doctoral Programmes in Germany

The closing date for applications depends on the applicant's country of origin

Postdoctoral scholarships from the Daimler and Benz Foundation

Applications can be submitted from now until 1 October 2021

Fraunhofer Attract

The closing date for applications for projects due to start in January 2022 is 15 September 2021

ERC Synergy Grants

Applications can be submitted until 10 November 2021.

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Upcoming events

"Research in Germany” at the 70th General Assembly of the International Academy for Production Engineering 2021

22 - 29 August 2021, virtual

Virtual GAIN21

25 - 27 August 2021, virtual

Idealist.org 2021 Virtual Grad Fair

30 September 2021, virtual

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