Klaus Murmann Fellowship Programme: scholarships for doctoral researchers

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Are you planning to do a PhD, are you involved in volunteer work and would like to help shape future society in a position of responsibility? From funding provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Klaus Murmann Fellowship Programme of the Foundation of German Business (only in German) awards scholarships to particularly outstanding doctoral researchers.

Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

  • convincing PhD project
  • voluntary commitment
  • the qualification giving entitlement to pursue a PhD should not have been acquired more than five years previously
  • German language skills at C1 level

What form does funding take?

The main scholarship benefits are as follows:

  • the amount of funding provided depends on the applicant's income situation; the maximum amount granted is 1,350 euros per month plus 100 euros research allowance and 155 euros family allowance
  • non-material support: personal support, seminars, intensive exchange with companies and other societal actors
  • funding duration: a maximum of three years

When is the closing date for applications?

Applications are invited from now until 9 August 2021.

Terms and conditions of application

The terms and conditions of application can be found here:

www.sdw.org > Bewerbung (only in German)