ERC Consolidator Grants

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Did you complete your PhD between seven and twelve years ago? Do you have a ground-breaking research topic that you wish to pursue? Then apply for an ERC Consolidator Grant. Through these grants, the European Research Council of the European Union supports promising researchers of any nationality and from any discipline who are in the early stages of an independent academic career.

Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

  • PhD completed no fewer than seven and no more than twelve years ago
  • a promising academic track record, as demonstrated for example by several important publications not involving the applicant's doctoral supervisor
  • a ground-breaking research idea
  • the application is submitted in conjunction with an institution based in an EU member state or associated country

What form does funding take?

The main scholarship benefits are as follows:

  • funding of up to two million euros is normally granted for a period of max. five years
  • additional funding of up to 1 million euros may be granted, for example to allow large-scale equipment to be purchased

When is the closing date for applications?

Applications can be submitted until 20 April 2021.

Terms and conditions of application

The terms and conditions of application can be found here: > ERC Consolidator Grants > Consolidator Grants