August 2020

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Our newsletter slightly changed style and content and we want to introduce you to our new website section: Spotlight. Here we will present different research topics and shed light on respective projects, innovators and researchers over the next couple of months. This newsletter edition introduces you to our first “Spotlight”: Bioeconomy. You can also discover recent stats about internationality in Germany's research landscape and read about the results of the EU-funded CARe consortium's work. Amidst all these novelties please do not miss out on current calls and upcoming events, which will remain an integral part of our newsletter.

Current Calls

Upcoming Events

"Research in Germany" at the ACS Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo

At the virtual Fall Meeting of the American Chemical Society (17-20 August 2020), ''Research in Germany'' will supply a virtual booth to inform about research, funding and career options in the field of chemistry.


"Research in Germany" at the virtual NSBE conference 19 – 23 August

Research in Germany will exhibit at the virtual National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) conference to inform young scientists on universities, scholarships, exchange programs, work, and research opportunities in Germany. 


"Research in Germany" at the 14th ECPR General Conference

Visit ''Research in Germany'' virtually at the ECPR General Conference (24-28 August 2020) and learn more about the German research landscape and funding opportunities in the field of political science in Germany.


"Research in Germany" at the virtual MSE 2020

Visit our virtual booth at this year's online conference on Materials Science and Engineering (22-25 September 2020) to find out more about research, funding and career options. An online session invites you to get in touch and network.