Newsletter 2020

December 2020


In this month’s issue, delve into the past with art historians in Bamberg examining the oldest preserved imperial robes of European rulers, or look into the future with a social scientist researching climate change scenarios at a cluster of excellence in Hamburg. A participant of our Innovation Week talks about his business idea and what he learned about setting up a start-up in Germany. And as usual, we also provide some interesting funding opportunities and inform on upcoming events.


October 2020

Zeche Zollverein

Read about how a closed coal mine in Germany is revived through research and art, find out how dance and literary studies are connected and discover innovative research projects at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology. What is more, Germany has been highly successful at ERC’s 2020 starting grant application round and last but not least you’ll find current calls and upcoming events at the end of the newsletter.


August 2020


Get to know what is new!
Our newsletter slightly changed style and content. Explore our website's new section "Spotlight Bioeconomy", discover recent stats about internationality in Germany's research landscape and look at the results of the CARe consortium's work. As usual you can find current calls and upcoming events at the end of the newsletter.


June 2020

Digital medicine – research for the patient’s sake

Digital medicine is a topic often heard during the days of the pandemic. Discover how innovative research projects from Germany help modernizing life sciences. You also get to know two researchers from different Clusters of Excellence and find out which trees help most in cooling cities down during a hot summer.


April 2020

Driving innovation at the local level_640x360

Get to know Germany’s universities of applied sciences who are a driving force of innovation at local and regional level. In this issue, you can also discover a research project that raises awareness about mental health at higher education institutions, read career stories of AI researchers in Germany, find out why scientists put tiny hats on fish and learn about the future of industrial production.


February 2020

Excellent universities 640x360

2019 was an exciting year for the German science community: Ten universities and one university consortium received the status of University of Excellence as part of the Federal Ministry of Education and Resarch’s (BMBF) Excellence Strategy. Find out more about these HE institutions plus all 57 Clusters of Excellence at German universities in the current edition. You are also invited to meet an award-winning engineering scientist who is accelerating the internet and learn about current calls and upcoming events.