Number of the month: 60 percent

Six out of ten young professionals aged between 20 and 35 in Germany no longer read a newspaper. Only one in five actually takes a printed daily newspaper. That's the result of a recent study conducted by Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Ravensburg in cooperation with the consulting agency Campus Media. The study was led by Professor Tobias Krohn, head of media and communication studies at DHBW.

A medium for information: young professionals couldn't live without their smartphones.

However, this by no means implies that the younger generation rejects media consumption altogether. On the contrary: conventional linear media such as television and radio are still the most popular among this target group. What is more, as compared with other demographics the group that was surveyed uses significantly more flexible services such as media libraries and video streaming. Social media also have an important place in their lives: women predominantly use Facebook and Instagram, while men prefer YouTube and Snapchat.

Young professionals cannot imagine life without their smartphones. Around 30 percent of those who opt not to read a daily newspaper use their phones to keep abreast of world affairs, taking advantage of the free digital services offered by newspapers.