Dr Beck, what actually is intelligence?

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“Intelligence is a measure of the brain’s efficiency. The more intelligent we are, the less we use our brain for a mental task. This is because an intelligent brain ignores the unnecessary and uses its energy in a sparing and concentrated manner. Being intelligent therefore means quickly and accurately finding previously known solutions by following specific computational rules. However, it does not mean coming up with entirely new solutions and breaking the rules. Sometimes, dealing with new environments and being quickly able to adapt mentally is more important than flawless thinking.

New challenges for the brain

The neuroscientist Dr Henning Beck

In our research, we want to understand the criteria the human brain applies in these processes and ascertain which visual elements it considers when it is confronted with a new environment. In future, the ability to think “out of the box” and in a creative and original way may turn out to be more important than being only intelligent.

How do I make myself appear intelligent?

Our intelligence is fully formed by the time we reach our early twenties and is therefore a very stable personality trait that cannot be easily increased in any substantial way. Having said that, we can do something to ensure that we are on our best possible form in terms of our intelligence on any particular day: the better rested we are, the better we will be able to solve IQ tasks; and we will even look more intelligent into the bargain.

More information

Dr Henning Beck
Dr Henning Beck is a neuroscientist and science slammer. After graduating with a biochemistry degree in Tübingen, he took a PhD at the Graduate School of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience there. He has worked at the University of California in Berkeley and currently works at the Scene Grammar Lab of Goethe University Frankfurt.


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