Newsletter: June 2017

When did you last go on a diet? And given how many there are to choose from, what kind of diet was it? There is hardly any other issue in our everyday lives that preoccupies us as much as what we eat. And that is no bad thing – after all, our diet has a key impact on our wellbeing. But while people in industrialised countries still agonise over what they should not be eating, numerous people in developing nations spend the day worrying whether they will have anything to eat at all that evening. Nutrition research is a broad field of study, in other words. Numerous researchers in Germany are exploring what could and should constitute a healthy and balanced diet, in both industrialised and developing countries. In this edition we present some exciting projects. You can also read why a couple from the USA decided to come and work in Germany, learn about current funding programmes and discover our number of the month.

IN FOCUS: Nutrition research