Newsletter: January 2017

Fortune cookies, fireworks at midnight, twelve grapes, mandarins in the sea: people all over the world have different traditions when it comes to celebrating the new year. But one thing they promise above all is happiness in the year to come. These customs aside, there are scientifically proven factors that determine whether we are happy. So what precisely is the formula for happiness? Is happiness perhaps also a question of our genes? Researchers in Germany are studying the phenomenon of happiness, and attempting to answer a question which no doubt interests us all: what would make me happy – or even happier? You can also read about how a bioengineer in Karlsruhe intends to improve cancer treatment, learn about current funding programmes, discover our number of the month and find out whether birds can sleep on the wing.

IN FOCUS: Happiness research

Why happiness is also genetic

genes can certainly play a part in our life satisfaction
Partly hereditary: genes can certainly play a part in our life satisfaction.

Happiness depends on many factors. An international team of researchers has now discovered that genes also play a role. The findings of German scientists were also taken into account in their work.



Current Calls

German Chancellor Fellowship

Through its German Chancellor Fellowship, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supports prospective leaders wishing to spend a year in Germany seeking new answers to global questions. The next round of applications begins on 15 March 2017.


Participation in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2017

Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation Logo
Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation Logo

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum offers selected young mathematicians and computer scientists the opportunity to meet the leading scientists in their fields. The closing date for applications to the 5th Heidelberg Laureate Forum is 14 February 2017.