Research Grants – One-Year Grants from the DAAD

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Germany offers numerous funding opportunities for highly qualified doctoral students and young researchers from abroad. Could you also well imagine pursuing research or a course of continuing education in Germany? Through its “Research Grants – One-Year Grants” programme, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports foreign doctoral students and young researchers. Research projects within the framework of a PhD programme are given particular priority, and different types of funding are available depending on your career stage and qualifications.

Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

  • You should be a highly qualified doctoral student or young researcher.
  • When you first receive your grant, you should already have a master’s degree or Diplom, or in exceptional cases a bachelor’s degree, or have already completed your PhD.
  • Other requirements depend on your country of origin. Information can be found on the website of the DAAD.

The grant supports you while you pursue a research project or course of continuing education at a state or state-recognized university or non-university research institution in Germany. This must take place in consultation with a supervisor in Germany.

What form does funding take?

Benefits for grant holders include the following:

  • Depending on their qualifications, graduates receive a monthly grant of 750 euros, while doctoral students and postdocs receive 1,000 euros.
  • A travel cost allowance is granted unless such costs are covered by the grant holder’s home country or any other party.
  • Grant holders receive a one-off research allowance.
  • Additional benefits, such as rent subsidies, may be granted under certain circumstances.
  • In addition, you receive financial support for German lessons.

When is the closing date for applications?

The closing date for applications depends on your country of origin. Information can be found on the website of the DAAD.

Terms and conditions of application

The terms and conditions of application can be found here: > Research Grants - One Year Grants