Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships

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Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

Applicants should

  • provide proof of outstanding academic or research achievements,
  • have completed their studies with a PhD or equivalent qualification (within the past two years) and wish to pursue a project which suits the infrastructure and scientific environment of the respective Leibniz institution, and
  • have excellent knowledge of English.
  • Knowledge of German is welcome.

What form does funding take?

Funding is provided for one year. Fellows receive a monthly stipend of 2,000 euros, are provided among other things with health and accident insurance, can attend a language course and are offered other funding options.

When is the closing date for applications?

The next closing date for applications is 9 March 2016.

Terms and conditions of application

The terms and conditions of application for Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships can be found on the DAAD website:
www.daad.de > Leibniz - DAAD Research Fellowships 2016