Building international cooperation

Germany is a research location with a strong international orientation: universities and other higher education institutions, research institutions and businesses attach great importance to cooperation with partners across the globe. The German Research Foundation (DFG) supports the establishment of such international cooperation partnerships.

What is supported?

  • Up to three-month trips abroad or guest stays at the German or international partner institution
  • Bilateral workshops

Who can apply?

  • Postdoc researchers working within the German research system
  • Special regulations apply to workers at non-academic research institutions: in most cases, it is only possible for them to submit an application for a joint project together with a member of a higher education institution. More details can be found in the Guidelines on the Duty to Cooperate.

Are there deadlines for the submission of applications?

Applications can be submitted at any time but must be received at least three months before the measure is due to begin.

More information

Visit the DFG website for more information about the application procedure, forms and guidelines: > Initiation of International Collaboration