Structured doctoral programmes in Germany

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You could well imagine doing a PhD in Germany? Depending on the academic field in which you obtained your university degree, there are two basic routes to a doctoral degree in Germany: if you opt for the individual doctorate path, you select a professor to be your supervisor and work largely independently on your dissertation.

Key features of structured doctoral programmes

Structured doctoral programmes are a bit different and involve a team of supervisors looking after the doctoral students. They are similar to the PhD programmes in English-speaking countries:

  • they feature a curriculum within which you work towards your PhD
  • many are interdisciplinary in orientation
  • they often provide training in soft skills and additional qualifications

A doctorate in three to four years

Because doctoral students receive very systematic and intensive support in structured programmes, they are generally able to obtain their doctoral degrees in three to four years. More information about structured doctoral programmes and help with finding the right programme for you can be found in our website section entitled “Info for PhD Students”.

An overview at the click of a mouse

Perhaps you would first like to find out which bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes with an international focus are available in Germany, and obtain an overview of the associated language and subject-specific courses and programmes aimed at preparing you for your studies in Germany. You will find the information you need in the database “International Programmes in Germany”, which lists a total of 300 PhD programmes:

Structured doctoral programmes in and around Berlin

People from all over the world are attracted to the German capital. In cooperation with Berlin’s universities, the Einstein Foundation Berlin has launched a new Internet portal: provides the first comprehensive list of structured doctoral programmes available in the capital region. It allows young researchers from around the world to search for suitable offers in their field, with more than 100 programmes to choose from.