HAB Postdoctoral Fellowships

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The Herzog August Bibliothek (HAB) is a treasure trove of historical information which attracts many researchers. In addition, the HAB library provides funding for researchers from Germany and abroad, giving them the chance to begin, continue or complete a research project. The fellowships are granted for stays lasting at least two and at most twelve months.

About the Herzog August Bibliothek

Built in 1572, the Herzog August Bibliothek (HAB) in the town of Wolfenbüttel in North Germany was long regarded as the library boasting Europe’s largest collection of books. It was even dubbed the eighth wonder of the world – this alone proves that the treasures in its collections were of immeasurable cultural and historical value. And this is no less true today: the research library is home to one million books of international significance, a third of them even dating back to the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries.

Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

  • Fellows must rely on the collections of the HAB for their research work
  • Applicants must have obtained a PhD or provide evidence of a comparable academic achievement such as a publication

Full and partial fellowships

Full fellowships are aimed particularly at younger researchers. Fellows receive a monthly stipend of 1,800 euros; an allowance can additionally be granted to cover the costs of travel to and from Wolfenbüttel.

Academics who already receive a salary or funding from their research institution can apply for a partial fellowship. Partial fellowship holders receive 1,250 euros per month, and may be granted a travel allowance.

The closing date for applications is 31 January 2016.