Newsletter: November 2015

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Numerous scientists in Germany are trying to solve the great mystery of exactly why and how we age. In this edition we present some fascinating people and projects whose job it is to explore the ageing process. You can also find information about current funding programmes, discover the unexpected power of sludge and learn why researchers embarked on a pub crawl around Hamburg.

IN FOCUS: The Secret of Growing Old

MaxPlanckResearch: eMagazine "Aging"

Virtually all organisms and living beings are subject to the natural ageing process. But how exactly does this happen? Many Max Planck researchers are devoting themselves to precisely this question. In their quest for answers, they are studying fish, as well as a freshwater polyp that is all but immortal. They are also exploring the social consequences of human ageing – when people retire at the end of an active working life. A report about this fascinating research can be found in an edition of the Max Planck Society’s MaxPlanckResearch”. > eMagazine: Aging


Current Calls

Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation provides research fellowships for young academics from all countries and disciplines. Applications can be submitted at any time.