Residents design their city of the future

During the Science Year 2015 – City of the Future, cities themselves become laboratories. Local residents join forces with researchers and city planners in line with the ‘Hack your City’ motto. Together, they identify problems in their cities and search for solutions.

All ideas are welcome

“‘Hack your City’ calls upon people to design their cities themselves. All ideas are welcome”, says Yannick Haan, who heads the cooperation project of the ‘Science in Dialogue’ initiative. He welcomes not only concepts for apps but also suggestions for sustainable food supply in the city – like urban farming projects. Participants then take their projects to the next stage in working groups.

‘Hackdays’: inspirational forums

Most of the ideas are concerned with core questions relating to the city of the future:

  • How will we feed ourselves and move around in the city of the future?
  • How barrier-free is local public transport?
  • How healthy is tap water?
  • How can components which have reached the end of their useful lives be used for a new purpose?

The first ‘hackday’ will take place in Berlin on 9 and 10 May 2015, hosted by the company Infarm. At the company, three young Israelis are experimenting with growing herbs and vegetables in buildings. Their idea aims to overcome one challenge of urban living: because more and more people are choosing to live in cities, space is becoming increasingly tight. To compensate for the lack of space, higher buildings are being constructed. Land for agricultural use is disappearing and it is harder for the sun to reach down into the city. At Infarm, plants grow inside – without earth or sunlight. Perhaps this is how our food will be grown in the future.

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