Emmy Noether Programme

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Dreaming of a university teaching career? Through its Emmy Noether Programme, the German Research Foundation (DFG) helps outstanding young researchers in all subject areas qualify as university lecturers – without the need for the usual postdoctoral lecture qualification (“Habilitation” in Germany): stipend-holders head their own research group and assume teaching duties.

Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

  • The doctoral degree should not have been completed more than four years previously.
  • Applicants should have worked as a postdoc for at least two years.
  • Furthermore, international research experience and rapidly completed research training are desirable.
  • Applicants should provide evidence of outstanding publications in high-ranking international journals.
  • Applicants from abroad are expected to continue their academic career in Germany following completion of the funding period.
  • The research project in question must be excellent.

Six different modules

As a rule, stipend-holders receive funding for a period of five years, and in some cases six years. Applicants can apply for one or more of six modules in all:

  1. The “Junior Research Group Leader” module makes available the project leader post.
  2. The “Basic Module” makes available project-specific funding to cover project costs and staff, as well as investments for the research project.
  3. The “Temporary Substitutes for Clinicians” module can be used to request funding for staff to take over the regular duties of clinicians tied up in the research project.
  4. The “Mercator Fellows” module allows exchange with other researchers in Germany and abroad.
  5. Funding for project-specific workshops can be applied for in a module of the same name.
  6. The “Public Relations” module allows the results of research work to be presented to the general public.

There are no fixed deadlines for applications.

Interested in the Emmy Noether Programme? More information can be found on the DFG website: 

www.dfg.de > Emmy Noether Programme