PhD scholarships from the Gerda Henkel Foundation

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The Gerda Henkel Foundation awards PhD scholarships to support young scholars in the historical humanities. The programme is aimed at young researchers from Germany and abroad and funds research projects in the following fields:

  • archaeology
  • history
  • historical Islamic studies
  • art history
  • history of law
  • prehistory and early history
  • history of science

Scholarship holders receive 1,400 euros per month in funding for a period of two years. Additional international and family grants are available in some cases. If necessary, travel and material expenses will also be paid.

Who can apply?

Requirements for applicants include the following:

  • applicants must not be older than 28 upon completion of their university degree
  • the overall grade achieved in their university degree must be 1.5 or better in Germany; foreign degrees will be reviewed separately

Interested? Further information and details of all application requirements can be found on the Gerda Henkel Foundation website. Applications can be submitted at any time.