Newsletter “Research in Germany” - July 2015

When did you last curse the existence of viruses and bacteria? Perhaps it is not even all that long ago. These tiny organisms are not always harmful, however, but can in fact help cure serious diseases. In this edition we explain which research is being conducted and how treatment based on viruses or bacteria works. Read also what Georg Forster fellow Dr Hamid Taheri Shahraiyni has to say about the air in Berlin and the research climate in Germany, learn about current funding programmes, and discover the answer to a question that preoccupies many people: how can we find happiness?

IN FOCUS: Bacterial Research


Current Calls

Georg Forster Research Fellowship

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Georg Forster Research Fellowship invites postdoctoral students and experienced researchers from developing countries and emerging economies to spend a period of time conducting research in Germany. Applications for a fellowship can be submitted at any time.


DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships

Young international researchers in the areas of aeronautics, space, transportation and energy are invited to spend a period of time researching in Germany on a DLR and DAAD fellowship. There is no specific closing date for applications to most fellowships.