Theatre in Germany

Semperoper in Dresden

Germany boasts some 700 state, municipal and independent theatres, plus opera houses, dance  companies, touring groups, improvisational and puppet theatres. In Germany there are no theatre centres, but plays are staged everywhere – from smaller towns like Passau to big cities like Berlin.

The reason for this can be found in the German history. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, Germany was just a loose collection of minor principalities and micro-states. Rivalry between sovereigns led to each trying to stand out by building magnificent theatres at their royal seat. The names of these theatres still reflect this today: “Residenztheater” (Royal Seat Theatre) in Munich or “Markgrafentheater” (Margrave Theatre) in Erlangen.

German theatres produce a wide variety of plays. Besides the spectacular events produced by the larger theatres, there are splendid of small-scaled productions, but are just as enteraining.  These include cabaret, comedy, chansons, puppet shows, magic shows and even amateur theatre groups.