Information Dissemination by Research Alumni

Become an "ambassador" for research in Germany

Second international research alumni meeting in Gurgaon, India

As a research alumna/alumnus you know all about the opportunities and potential offered by a research stay in Germany from your own experience. This makes you an ideal “ambassador” for the research location Germany. Support us by telling people in your academic networks about your experiences and about the research and funding options in Germany.

There are lots of opportunities for disseminating information on Germany as a destination for research, which vary according to your subject and type of academic network. You know how things are done in your own particular field and are the best judge of how to go about spreading information on Germany as a destination for research most effectively. The following situations might present suitable contexts:

  • Informal discussions
    You are talking to colleagues or junior researchers around you and draw their attention to the opportunities for spending time working on research in Germany or developing research collaborations with specialist German colleagues.
  • Scientific conferences
    You are attending a scientific conference and mention what Germany has to offer as a research location (e.g. following a specialist lecture).
    Visits to other universities or research institutions
    You are visiting another university or research institution and mention what Germany has to offer as a research location (e.g. following a specialist lecture).
  • Your own institute
    You display information on Germany as a research destination in your office or institute. You present the research and funding opportunities to junior researchers during a lecture followed by a reception.

Usually, the information you provide will be of a general nature. Of course, we do not expect you to give a detailed account of individual sponsorship programmes or institutions. Rather, the aim is to spark the interest of your partners and listeners in Germany as a destination for research.


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